Welcome to Monica Inglot Photography

Welcome to Monica Inglot Photography! Thank you for visiting my site and supporting my work. Feel free to look around and enjoy. Please leave comments if you want! If you have any questions about my work or are interested in purchasing or commissioning work, do not hesitate to email me. I photograph the things that inspire me the most, and follow my passion. I always find new things to photograph, and my favorite thing to do is go to new places, absorbing the environment through my photographs. I capture the things that I love and the little things in life.

1 thought on “Welcome to Monica Inglot Photography

  1. Michael Montalbano

    Would like to send a pic of our son to the local paper-The Paper, Dwight, Il and the Pontiac Daily Leader as a graduation announcement. Not trying to sell it or make any money on it. It has a credit, “Monica Inglot Photography” in the lower third. Does this pic have to be released by you in order for them to print it? We’re trying to do this as soon as possible so a judiciously thoughtful response would be most appreciated. Our son is Ben Montalbano and the pic we’re trying to put in the paper is of Ben by himself in Krannert Auditorium in Champaign/Urbana sitting on a piano bench in an empty auditorium w/ a smile on his face. Thank you. Mike Montalbano


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